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American Lung Association in Florida Publishes “Smokefree Housing” Educational Video

American Lung Association TOUCH Broward Smokefree Multi-unit Housing Video

The American Lung Association in Florida in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Miami-Field Office, Catholic Housing Management, the Florida Department of Health and the TOUCH initiative at Broward Regional Health Planning Council has created a Public Service Announcement video promoting smokefree environments and providing education on the benefits of adopting a smokefree multi-unit housing policy.

The 8 minute video follows the journey Catholic Housing Management undertook last year in transitioning 15 HUD subsidized communities for the independent elderly, into smokefree environments, meaning that smoking is restricted to an outside, designated area. The video features guidance from the American Lung Association, the HUD Miami-Field Office Director, and the Director of Elderly Housing for Catholic Housing Management as well as encouraging statements from the president of the U.S. Green Build Council South Florida Chapter, legal experts, and tenants and staff at Catholic Housing Management.

Catholic Housing Management is a ministry of the Archdiocese in Miami and provides housing assistance to nearly 2,500 tenants. It is the largest federally subsidized housing community in South Florida to adopt a smokefree housing policy. The success of the initiative at Catholic Housing has encouraged the American Lung Association to form a partnership and launch a Florida statewide campaign dedicated to assisting public and market-rate housing providers in making similar smokefree housing transitions. Copies of the video along with a toolkit designed by HUD and encouraging letters from the Florida Department of Health Bureau of Tobacco Prevention will be sent to every public housing agency in Florida.

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