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BC Environmental Fair – Students Requesting Campus Go Smoke-Free

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In an effort to reduce the harmful exposure to secondhand smoke for students, faculty and staff, Broward College’s South Campus hosted an Environmental and Sustainability fair on April 18.

Photo Courtesy of American Lung Association of Florida

The American Lung Association of Florida was on hand to educate students, faculty and staff on the implementing of a tobacco-free environment. More than 100 petition signatures were collected and 97 percent of the people who provided feedback at the fair said they were in full support of a tobacco-free policy on the BC South Campus.

After signing the petition, supporters also signed a banner urging others to follow suit in moving toward a smoke-free campus. Although there are currently over 700 campuses in the country that are completely smoke-free, there are none in Broward County that have adopted these guidelines. Broward College is hoping to be one of the first in the County to gain that distinction.

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