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American Lung Association TOUCH Broward Smokefree Multi-unit Housing Video

American Lung Association in Florida Publishes “Smokefree Housing” Educational Video

The American Lung Association in Florida in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Miami-Field Office, Catholic Housing Management, the Florida Department of Health and the TOUCH initiative at Broward Regional Health Planning Council has created a Public Service Announcement video promoting smokefree environments and providing education on the benefits of adopting a smokefree multi-unit […]

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What To Do When Secondhand Smoke Risks Hit Close To Home (And In It!)

Please note: The American Lung Association in Florida, Broward Regional Health Planning Council and TOUCH: Transforming Our Community’s Health cannot help anyone out of a lease, do not provide any legal services or advice, and only provides materials for informational purposes. Most of us know that there are serious health risks associated with exposure to secondhand […]