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Community Garden Part of Earth Day Celebrations

Last month we celebrate Earth Day at The PATCH Garden. Thank you to all of our community partners for working together for a healthier broward.

A special thank you to the Humana Foundation who presented Broward Regional Health Planning Council with a grant for $150,000 to provide Diabetes Prevention and Self-Management programs that will be led by Healthy Community Zone Partners and the YMCA of South Florida.

This article, Dania Beach Global Unity: Community Garden Part of Earth Day Celebrations, was originally published in the SunSentinel.

Dania Beach observed Earth Day with a focus on health at the city’s PATCH, the Peoples Access to Community Horticulture gar­den.

“Earth Day reminds us to take care of all of those things that keep us our families, our work sites, our communities and our world heal­thy; said Michael De Lucca, presi­dent and CEO of Broward Re­gional Health Planning Council.

Several BHRPC partners turned out to promote healthy habits with family-friendly activ­ities.

Among nonprofits greeting visitors were representatives from Memorial Healthcare System.

They provided free blood pressure readings. The YMCA of South Florida put on fitness activities and gave away pedometers.

As part of its Broward Bold Goal initiative, the Humana Founda­tion presented a grant for

$150,000 to the planning council. “The goal is by 2020 we’re go­

ing to improve the health care of the community by 20 percent through grants and outreach pro­ grams,” said Humana regional president Fernando J. Valverde.

The BHRPC will partner with the YMCA and like-minded non­ profits to coordinate programs within the Heallthy Community Zones; which are Dania Beach, Hallandale Beach, Fort Lauder­dale’s Sistrunk corridor and the Broward Municipal Services Dis­ trict.

Dania Beach Vice Mayor Albert C. Jones applauded the BRHPC for reaching out to areas across the county.

“Inthis particular zip code and in zip codes throughout South Florida in marginal neighbor­ hoods, that’s where we’ve got to make this fight;’Jones said.

Sun Sentinel Broward County Daily 347,700

May 15, 2016

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