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FAU Club Finds Over 5,000 Butts in an Hour

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When Florida Atlantic University’s Boca Raton campus held “Butt Day” earlier this month, they invited Transforming Our Community’s Health (TOUCH) partner American Lung Association (ALA) to aid in a clean up. What they found was thousands of cigarette butts – more than 5,100 of them, actually.

FAU clean up 1

On April 3, FAU’s Exercise Science and Health Promotion Club (ESHP) hosted Butt Day – a day to learn about the dangers of tobacco products and increase awareness for the need of a university-wide tobacco-free policy. While FAU currently has designated smoking areas, they do not have a smoke-free campus policy in place. The butt hunt found more than 5,000 cigarette butts and cartons littered throughout the campus, the majority outside of the 17 designated smoking areas.

FAU clean up 2

This is the second clean up ALA has hosted on the Boca Raton campus in less than a year. In July, the ESHP Club picked up nearly 10,000 cigarette butts in 40 minutes, also outside of the designated smoking areas. Club President Luke Otfinowski was present for both clean ups.

“Events like this really bring the issue to light,” Otfinowski said. “I hope this campus will eventually adopt a smoke-free campus policy.”

In July, Nova Southeastern University joined 19 other Florida colleges and universities, including Florida International University, in becoming 100 percent tobacco-free.


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