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The Good Neighbor Store (GNS) Initiative brings awareness to how Corner and Convenience Stores can encourage healthier lifestyles by identifying healthier food and beverage options, supporting tobacco-free living and promoting wellness in the communities they serve.

The Good Neighbor Store Initiative is a collaborative effort championed by BRHPC’s Partnerships Transforming Our Community Health (TOUCH). Participating organizations include the Broward Regional Health Planning Council (BRHPC), Florida Department of Health in Broward County, YMCA of South Florida, Children’s Services Council, American Lung Association, local schools, customers and many other partners throughout Broward County. This extends “Go, Slow, Whoa” from schools into stores for a healthier community. Go, Slow, Whoa is an education, classification, and evaluation tool to assess eating habits and the food environment using the traffic-light colors (green, yellow, and red).

This Initiative prepares students in after school clubs to visit neighborhood stores near their schools to identify healthy food options as well as gain awareness about tobacco prevention among teens. Students who enroll in this after school club learn about the benefits of Tobacco Free Living, as well as how Tobacco companies are actively marketing to youth within these types of stores.  In addition, the student groups and club advisors, in collaboration with participating storeowners, perform a site visit to the stores in order to assess the current layout, placement and identification of healthy food options.

The overall objective of this youth-driven initiative is to develop recommendations for neighborhood storeowners about: the benefits of featuring healthier options; marketing affordable and healthful food options; their store’s contribution to the health of their community; and the importance of building and strengthening community relationships. The students then work together to create a set of recommendations for the storeowners in order to improve the availability and identification of healthy food and beverage choices and develop business friendly strategies to reduce youth exposure to Tobacco Advertising.

Participating stores may receive the “Good Neighbor Store” designation and recognition by the Florida Department of Health in Broward County, after successful completion of the program! This designation recognizes the store’s role and commitment to improve the health and wellbeing of the residents they serve and clearly identifies the store to potential customers.

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