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LA Lee YMCA Community Garden Mural

On Tuesday, May 31, 2016, at the LA Lee YMCA, murals painted by the Graffitize not Vandalize Project which is one of OCL’s innovative programs, were unveiled.

This event celebrated the culmination of months of hard work and collaboration. Marie Huntley, of On Call Leadership, and the Sistrunk HCZ Community Liaison and YMCA Community Health Worker, had a dream and pursued it. She won initial funding for this idea at Sistrunk Soup, and leveraged additional resources and support from the YMCA, HACFL and community businesses.

The title of the first mural at LA Lee YMCA is titled “There Is A Superhero In All Of Us!” and the story behind it is that we are all superheroes.

FullSizeRender Each one of us has talents that need to be channeled. We can all make a positive difference for the improvement of our community. Ms. Huntley shared, “By designing a mural with a positive message, it not only beautifies a blank wall but also is a nice change from the typical tagging by gangs and graffiti that is predominant in our neighborhood.”

The second location with murals is the “Wall of Fame” at Northwest Gardens. This is a sequence of portraits that starts off with the history of the Sistrunk neighborhood, with a family being greeted and welcomed by Dr. Sistrunk. Then each section depicts something positive from the community (landmark businesses). Also, famous figures from Broward County, and the United States such as musicians, authors, poets (Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes). Empty painted frames await the next generation of heroes.


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