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Lighthouse Point Parks Go Smoke-Free

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Lighthouse Point Smoke-Free Park SignIn a unanimous vote, Lighthouse Point commissioners passed a resolution declaring smoke-free parks across the city.

During the April 10th  city commission meeting, Commissioner Earl Maucker introduced a resolution that authorizes the installation of signage in the city’s parks and recreational areas to promote smoke-free public areas.

Commissioner Becky Lysengen, who seconded the motion, said it was residents, – especially parents, – who voiced their concerns to the mayor for the implementation of smoke-free parks.

“The mayor brought it to the commission, and I was very enthusiastic about this,” Lysegen said. “I researched other cities who had ordinances or policies for smoke-free parks.”

Lighthouse Point Smoke Free Parks sign

It took the commission one month, – from the public hearing to the vote, to implement the change, which was effective immediately following the April 10th  meeting.

The policy affects all five major parks in Lighthouse Point.

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  1. Matthew says:

    Congratulations Lighthouse Point! This is wonderful!

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