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Longtime Grocer Receives Good Neighbor Award

Over the years, the YMCA has worked with many small business partners in the Sistrunk area. On April 1, 2016 at 10:00am, there will be a special award presented to Walker’s Grocery. Since the opening of the store in 1939, Mr. Walker and his family have always been a positive influence in promoting healthy habits by refraining from selling any alcoholic beverages or tobacco products at their store.
Walker’s Grocery exemplifies the goals of The Good Neighbor Store Initiative.  The Good Neighbor Store is a youth-led initiative that brings awareness of healthier food options, affordable choices and tobacco-free living in neighborhood stores throughout Broward County. Join us as we highlight and recognize Walker’s Grocery as a prime example of The Good Neighbor Store Initiative. To learn more about the Good Neighbor Store Initiative, please click here. 
Please click here to learn more about the YMCA of South Florida.


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