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Michael De Lucca Weighs In On Teacher Compensation (South Florida 100 – Week of September 27, 2015)

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Every week on the Sun-Sentinel, 100 of South Florida’s most influential people weigh in on current events. Michael De Lucca, President & CEO of Broward Regional Health Planning Council was featured in this week’s South Florida 100. Here are his thoughts on current events and positive changes taking place throughout Broward County:

“Last week: Legislature providing for $10,000 bonus to recruit new teachers based on their SAT/ACT scores and forgetting to make it only for new teachers, resulting in existing teachers scrambling to retake the SAT/Act tests and qualify for the bonus.

Looking ahead: Thanks to the Legislature, Florida teachers are eligible for a $10,000 bonus based on SAT or ACT scores. The incentive conceived to recruit new teachers is actually available for any teacher based on these scores regardless of years of experience and/or performance. How many of us have our pay increases or bonuses based on test taken at 17? Instead of bonuses based on SAT or ACT scores, recruit new teachers with competitive salaries and reward experience with bonuses based on current performance. Teachers shape our children and our country’s future, they should be compensated as such, but in a manner that makes sense.

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