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Plant a Seed, Grow a Future – “Bring Your Kids To Work Day” at BRHPC

On Friday April 18th, 2014 The Broward Regional Health Planning Council Celebrated “Bring your Child to Work Day”. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles all brought their children for a fun filled day at BRHPC. The day was themed “Plant a seed grow a future”, this theme aligned with the events of the day at the PATCH garden and BRHPC. The day was organized and facilitated by TOUCH Education and Outreach Specialist Spencer Lott and Manager of Administrative Services Yolanda Falcone.

The day started with an introduction activity and breakfast in the conference room as the children arrived. Shortly afterwards everyone loaded up into vehicles to head to the PATCH (Peoples Access to Community Horticulture) Garden. While at the PATCH, the children got the opportunity to learn about the different fruit and vegetable plants growing in the garden through an all-inclusive tour by PATCH Gardening Expert Garren who taught about the importance of local and organic foods and the differences. The children participated in many activities, me of which included drawing their favorite plant from the garden, releasing live ladybugs and planting their own take-home sunflower.

After the PATCH visit the children were packed up and headed back to BRHPC where FLIPANY (Florida Introduces Physical Activity and Nutrition to Youth) facilitated a cooking demonstration. The children participated in preparing veggies wraps consisting of shredded carrots, Green peppers, parmesan cheese and home-made yogurt spread with parsley, oregano and cilantro. After preparing and enjoying their lunch the children participated in a nutrition activity hosted by FLIPANY as well. For the activity the children were taught about the importance of abstaining from too much sugar and they participated in a sugar scale out in which they were each given a drink high in sugar content and were taught how to correctly read the labels and determine the correct serving size per nutritional label. At the conclusion of the activity the children all came together with their drinks and the sugar contained in each drink in a separate cup so everyone could see the actual amount contained in each bottle.

To conclude the day everyone went over to the Real Theatre to watch “Mr. Peabody” afterwards being sent home with goody bags including pens, notepads, cups and key chains.

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