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Safe Routes Broward APP

Safe Routes Broward APP is available in broward Municipal Services District.

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Broward County is launching a new pilot app in Broward Municipal Services District (BMSD) that will allow residents of BMSD to assist with improving their community. The goal of Safe Routes Broward is to help direct reported safety concerns to the appropriate partner agency to resolve issues collaboratively for a safer, healthier Broward. Safe Routes Broward is a pilot app for mobile and online reporting of non-emergency issues around our neighborhoods. It is available free on Android & Apple App stores. This free app is built on the SeeClickFix platform, which has been utilized in counties and municipalities across the country to track and address nonemergency issues. Issues are easily reported by individuals in real-time. These are immediately directed to local government and/or decision makers to follow up for remediation. BMSD has integrated the app into its existing workflow, routing each request to the right department. Citizens are kept engaged and informed by updates on progress. The app will facilitate the process of providing appropriate agencies with locations, pictures /videos, and specific descriptions about issues and opportunities for community improvement. Reporting can be done simply on a mobile device, or on the website and it will then be automatically routed. Citizens can stay engaged in the process by receiving automatic status updates. This app helps encourage citizens to be actively involved in their community by receiving real-time updates on the items reported. People see how they are helping to make positive changes in the community.

About BMSD

Broward Municipal Services District encompasses the areas of Boulevard Gardens, Broadview Park, Franklin Park, Roosevelt Gardens, and Washington Park. This pilot app is made possible as part of BMSD’s designation as a Healthy Community Zone, part of the Partnerships Transforming Our Community’s Health (TOUCH) Initiative coordinated by the Broward Regional Health Planning Council, Inc. (BRHPC).


Broward Regional Health Planning Council, Inc. (BRHPC) is a not-for-profit, established in 1982, under Florida statue (408.033), as the legislatively designated Broward County local health planning entity. BRHPC is committed to delivering health and human service innovations for the uninsured at the national, state and local level through planning, direct services, evaluation and capacity building. During the last years, BRHPC has led statewide collaborative planning activities in partnership with the other ten Florida Local Health Planning Councils.


The Partnerships Transforming Our Community’s Health (TOUCH) Initiative is a true collaborative effort among more than 30 community organizations and coalitions that will support efforts to reduce health disparities and improve the health and well-being of those who live, study, work, play, and retire in Broward County, FL. TOUCH Broward is coordinated by Broward Regional Health Planning Council and made possible with funding from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. For more information, please contact Teina M. Phillips, MPA, TOUCH Program Director at: or 954-561-9681.

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