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In September 2012, the American Lung Association in Florida (ALA) surveyed Broward County residents on their opinions of smoke-free housing units in Broward. Along with the Urban Health Planning Council, Tobacco Free Partnership of Broward County, and the TOUCH program. A report has been released on those survey results.

Among the key findings, one-third of all smokers want a comprehensive smoke-free policy. Almost half of all smokers are “bothered” by outside smoke entering their home. More than half – 60 percent – of all smokers would welcome a smoke-free policy.

The survey sought to find out how residents that live in multi-unit housing (MUH) structures feel about smoking in their home or unit.  Similar studies were conducted elsewhere in the country, but this is the first study to analyze the general feelings Broward County residents have on the topic.  The survey results were run on a sample of 390 individuals that live in Broward County MUH structures.

Click here to download the full report or visit our Tobacco Free Living Resources page.


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