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Where you live matters to your health. In some cities, neighborhoods just a few miles apart experience vastly different health conditions. Neighboring communities are seeing huge differences in the prevalence of unhealthy behaviors, leading to chronic conditions and disparate health outcomes. There is a need for data to pinpoint health trends on a much smaller […]

Good Neighbor Store, Go Slow Whoa

Go, Slow, Whoa Helps Local Stores Identify Healthy Foods

This article was originally published by South Florida Caribbean News.  BROWARD COUNTY – Florida Department of Health in Broward County asks, “Kids at convenience stores – what could possibly go wrong”? For starters, how about cigarettes, mini-cigars, candy, junk food and sodas. The Florida Department of Health in Broward County, Broward Regional Health Planning Council […]

teen cigarette smoking down cigar up

Youth cigarette smoking declines, cigar use rises – OP-ED by Matthew Competiello (American Lung Association in Florida)

This article was written by Matthew Competiello of the American Lung Association in Florida (a TOUCH Partner) and originally published by The Sun Sentinel’s coverage of the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance results released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last month highlights a report filled with many encouraging signs for Florida youth. After decades […]

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Baby Friendly Offers Free Class for Broward Healthcare Pros

As more evidence mounts proving breastfeeding to help protect childhood obesity and other diseases, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is continuing its efforts to encourage hospitals to become “baby friendly” – locations that encourage and support breastfeeding initiatives. Broward hospitals are already committed to supporting breastfeeding and have higher breastfeeding rates. Now, […]