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The Dangers of Smoke Exposure for Children Increases

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Parents who smoke with children present may have rules and policies when it comes to smoking in the house, but what about smoking in the car? Does smoking in a car lessen the exposure one gets from secondhand cigarette smoke?

In the December issue of Pediatrics, a study noted that out of 562 parents without a smoke-free car policy, 292 reported reported that smoking occurred with the child present in the car. Out of the 795 smoking parents with vehicles, 564 reported having a smoke-free car policy.

The study concluded that the majority of smoking parents expose their children to smoke in cars. The majority of the group – 57 percent – note that they have a smoke-free home policy in place. While the best way for parents to eliminate tobacco exposure to their children is to quit smoking, the study suggests that putting in place a smoke-free home and car policy will help tremendously.

Need help quitting? Call the Quit Coach at 1-877-U-CAN-NOW or visit Tobacco Free Florida.


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