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The New (Ab)Normal – Portion Sizes Have Tripled in 60 Years

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Earlier this month, Choice Hotels International surveyed nearly 1,300 Americans about summer vacations. According to the survey, 87 percent of Americans plan to take a summer trip. Almost all of them – 94 percent – plan on spending at least one night away from home.

What does this mean for the road trippers? You are probably going to stop for a quick bite to eat, which means more processed food. When road trippers in the 1950s stopped for a meal, they chowed down on a 3.9 oz burger, 2.4 oz fries, and a 7 oz soda. Today, families are consuming nearly triple that. For the soda drinkers, it’s six times the amount of their 50s counterpart. So before you go through that fast food drive-thru check out the infographic below for portion size comparisons.

The New (Ab)normal infographic

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